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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19 - December 25

This week's menu:

Lunch - Mock Tuna, Hummus Pitas
Supper - Mexican Lasagna

ELL Lunch - Hummus
BDL Lunch - Hummus
MLL Lunch - Hummus
Supper - Mac-n-cheeze, broccoli

ELL Lunch - Mac-n-cheeze, broccoli
BDL Lunch - Mac-n-cheeze, broccoli
MLL Lunch - Baked potatoes, tomatoes, onion, broccoli
Supper - Taco Tuesday

ELL Lunch - Taco Tuesday
BDL Lunch - Taco Tuesday
MLL Lunch - Taco Tuesday
Supper - Spicy Mac

ELL Lunch - PB&J
BDL Lunch - Spicy Mac
MLL Lunch - Spicy Mac
Supper - Pizza

ELL Lunch - Pizza
BDL Lunch - Pizza
MLL Lunch - Taco Tuesday
Supper - Tofu Loaf, mashed potatoes, Golden Gravy, corn

Lunch - Leftovers
Supper - Savory Risotto

Be sure to check out My Hints and Tips to Commonly Used Recipes page for my suggestions about some/all of the recipes.

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