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Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to answer the age-old question "So, what do you eat?" I get after people hear we don't eat meat, dairy or eggs (I like to say we eat a plant-based diet).

My husband and I started our plant-based diet after our daughter was born at the end of November, 2007.  Because of the guidance of my brother, Michael, we follow the teachings of Dr. McDougall, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Barnard and others.   Basically, it's a very low fat, plant-based diet.  We eat tons of beans, rice, and potatoes along with other veggies, pastas and fruits.  I rarely make something separate for my daughter, so she basically eats what we eat, except for super spicy dishes I make from time to time.

I keep a marker board on my fridge where I write our menu before I go to the grocery store for the week. It keeps me on budget and motivated to cook. I hope to include the main dish (and side dish when I have that planned ahead of time) that we eat for lunch and dinner every day.  I hope as the blog progresses it will mutate into something useful for people who are already vegetarian/vegan, wanting to make the change or just interested in healthier eating.  I'm open for suggestions to make it more useful!  :)


ELL = my daughter
BDL = my husband
MLL = me